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A work group becomes a team when they share a common purpose and create a place for people to be themselves.


Simply working together does not make a team; nor does a few hours of "team building." Real team development comes the result of concerted effort to help people understand each other. After establishing this as a foundation, team members find a common focus and values, creating a sense of safety that lets them focus on the work.

Adams Learning accelerates team development by raising teammate awareness of their environments and themselves, so they can communicate effectively and make the right decisions quickly.

Team Development Products

The Presence of a Leader™

You can clarify the change you intend to create by taking the time to examine yourself and your environment – and by learning and sharing with other leaders. This in-depth, personalized experience invites leaders to observe the attributes of presence firsthand, and to decide how to further develop their own power to change.


Methodologies: Experiential learning activities, FIRO Business Assessment, pair and small group discussions, individual application, and facilitator-led interactive presentation

Duration: 2 days


Product Description

"J.B. delivered The Presence of a Leader™ at the 2016 KASBO Leadership Institute and the program exceeded our expectations.  Our time together was engaging, thought-provoking, and self-illuminating.  Participants left with a greater understanding of themselves as leaders and were empowered to use their enhanced awareness in their respective work settings.”

Todd O'Banion

Executive Director

Kentucky Association of School Business Officials

"During the three days I spent with J.B. Adams and many of my fellow finance officers, I found a renewed inspiration.  I left with ideas on how to improve my teams, both within my department and within my district.  All of those improvements started with me learning more about myself and how I fit into those teams.  The leadership program, since its beginning, has helped me become more aware of myself and how my strengths can be emphasized and my weaknesses improved.  This is a class for all people who are or want to be leaders in our field.  Training sessions like this remind me that a leader and a manager are not always the same.”

Julie D. Huff, SCFO, SCFM

Director of Financne/Treasurer

Paducah Independent Schools

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